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RSS Submission Service

RSS expanded Rich Site Summary is service that combines summarized texts, videos, photos, or any other relevant content to provide uninterrupted updates to people accessing internet. It is comprehensive of the web feed formats used to make public regularly updated content—such as blog posts, news releases, audio, and video—in a homogeneous format. The Web feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. RSS Feed Submissions are linked in one way as they offer instantaneous link popularity. They are completely free of cost are highly effective in nature.  If you link your site with a RSS directory that provides a page rank of 5 or higher, then it is of huge benefit. This harps on the number of links that are backed by the site, thus increasing the search engine rank and the amount of guests visiting our site.  The RSS reader checks the user's subscribed feeds frequently for up-to-the-minute work, recent downloads, any updates, offering the clients a comprehensive view of a user’s interface.

Benefits of RSS

  • Live bookmarking
  • Submission bookmarking
  • Using combination of RSS feeds
  • Quick and powerful SEO boost to main site.
  • Increases page rank and links websites
  • Defines indexes quickly
  • Pings backlinks on Google.

100 URLs each submitted to 80 RSS feeds $9
  Completion Time: 1  
  We will submit 100 Social Bookmark to 80 RSS Feed site within just one working day.  

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