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DMOZ Listing

DMOZ is the one of the most esteemed and valued online directory, as all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing recognize websites which have been listed on DMOZ. Numerous sites want to get listed on DMOZ, but only few are approved because they choose the right category, title and description. We have a better hand in DMOZ submission and have applied many clients to get their sites listed in DMOZ.  Enclosure in DMOZ can spectacularly augment website ranking and online visibility.


DMOZ Listing Process

  •    We research categories for your website.
  •    We create titles for your website that abide DMOZ guidelines.
  •    We document description for your website following DMOZ Guidelines.

Disclaimer:  This does not assure inclusion in DMOZ, even though following all DMOZ guidelines will increase your chances of inclusion.

1 DMOZ Listing $45
  Completion Time: 7  
  Your sites are Submission in 1 DMOZ Listing  

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