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  LinkPyramid Starter Pack
  Completion Time: 5 to 6 week 


This pack is those who are beginners in money page and low competitive markets. We will build your links in a highly effective and safe Pyramid structure. We will advise you on how to optimize your landing page.


1 (Tier1) Satellite Page + 5 (Tier2) Spoke Mini-Pages :: This comprises of 1 Quality Content Pillar Post on (, hubpages, blogspot) of 1000 Words pointing to your money page, with 5 mini-page backlinks to it.

30 (Tier1) Web 2.0 Site Content Posts of 500 to 600 Words (PR2 - PR9)

3 (Tier1) .EDU Domain, Contextual Blog Post, of 300 to 500 Words with Anchor Text Link

100 (Tier1) Directory Submissions

1 (Tier1)  Custom Youtube Video Creation and Submission with URL of each to 5 video sites

1 (Tier1)  PDF Document Creation presenting your offer with embedded link, and uploaded to unique top document sharing sites such as Scribd & DocStoc.

1 (Tier1)      PowerPoint presentation presenting your offer with embedded links, and uploaded to Slideshare

20 . ( Tier 1)   EDU Forum profile Creation

100 (Tier2 & Tier3)   Total Verified Social Bookmarks across your entire LinkPyramid will be created, by a mix of top DoFollow and NoFollow sites covering each content post we create above.
In addition you will get 25 (Tier1) Social Bookmarks to your main landing page.

30 RSS Feed Site Submissions All pages and Social Bookmarks created will each be boosted by submissions to 30 RSS Feed Aggregators.

Pinging of each RSS Feed, Social Bookmark and Content Page by multiple ping services ensuring that all pages are indexed quickly.

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Use a few adjectives to describe how the user should perceive your company and project results. (Examples include prestigious, conservative, friendly, modern, elegant, corporate,innovative and cutting edge.)

Do you have a tag line or a slogan? Would you like it to appear on/under your logo as well?

List the URLs of any company sites that have logo you find compelling. What specifically do you like about those logos?

Are there any particular concepts or symbols that you would like to integrate into the design?

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Completion Time :    5 to 6 week

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