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We follow a systematic process to channelize efforts to get the best results. This step wise process promotes work organisation, quality assurance and dedication throughout the implementation of internet marketing programs.

1.  Order Placed by customer

2.  Order checked by review team

3.  Order assigned to new project manager

4.  Review by project manager

5.  Assign to submission staff

6.  Submission completed and sent for quality check

7.  Quality check by quality team

8.  Final report sent to clients.


1.The client can evaluate variety of services offered and choose the best deal that fits into the budget and SEO requirements. After Order is placed and payment is received, clients get order confirmation through an email comprising of all necessary details.


2.The order placed is then reassessed by the review team, to generate a detailed concrete plan for the clients. All the necessary information is gathered so that the execution can be carried out immediately without further delay.


3.Once the project is approved, the order is assigned to a new project manager, who will work dedicatedly on the assignment, acting as a point person until the client is satisfied.


4.The project manager will review your order and recognize accurate techniques for the implementation of the order based the service you have chosen.


5.Then, the project manager allocates the task to the respective responsible team and ensures that the work on your order commences on time.


6. The team of experts working on the project put in their efforts to complete the project in a desired manner, within deadlines. The project is then sent for quality checks to the quality control team.


7. The quality control team reassesses the project and checks for troubleshooting, spam and any other obstacles. The project is comprehended with feedback, rectification, if any, after working on the project again and is forwarded for approval to the clients. This cycle is repeated until the quality control team is satisfied with the final quality of the work.


8.Once the quality control team is pleased with the work and gives approval, the final report is sent to the client.

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